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CO2 Laser Tube
CO2 Laser Tube——Universal Type

Mature products, due to its stable of output power, good spot mode, recognized by the majority of customers. This series of products are cost-effective, technology is very mature, has supplied a number of large laser machine manufacturers and accompanied by the whole export.

Model Length (mm) Optimal current Output power (W) Max. output power (W) Outside diameter (mm) Catalyst Power Supply Suggested Warranty
800-C 800 35 38 Φ50±2 No YL-1 3 Month
850-C 850 36 38 YL-2
900-C 900 38 40
1000-C 1000 40 45
1200-G 1200 65 80 6 Month
Q1 1250 80 90 Φ80±2 YL-3 1 Year
1600-G 1600 100 110 Φ60±2 6 Month
Q3 1450 100 110 Φ80±2 1 Year
Q5 1650 130 140 YL-4
Q7 1850 140 150
Q9 2000 150 170


CO2 Laser Tube——Ultra Type

CNI new product, with imported high-quality materials. And use the hybrid coating and the heavy metal reduction technology, life is more than 8000-10000 hours, better spot, power increasing 20%, get praise by the domestic and foreign customers.

Model Length (mm) Optimal current Output power (W) Max. output power (W) Outside diameter (mm) Catalyst Power Supply Suggested Warranty
A2 1250 80 100


Yes YL-U1 1 Year
A4 1400 100 120
A6S 1650 130 150 YL-U2
A6 1850 150 180

Power Supply

CNI have independent power supply R & D department, after years of experiments, now products series model to match high quality laser tube. Have features like stable performance, strong anti-jamming capability, small size, Ant-aging. Recommendations to use our laser tube for achieve the best results.

Model Power (W) Size (L*W*H) (mm) Warranty
YL-1 40W 172*160*100 1 Year
YL-2 60W 220*160*100
YL-3 80W 290*200*100
YL-4 100-170W 335*240*100
YL-U1 80-100W 290*200*100
YL-U2 110-180W 335*240*100

Laser Power Meter


Using the measurement principle of calorimetric absorption, thermal probe acceptable spectral width and a wide range of power, spatial uniformify is very high, at the same time there will be less affected by the spot size, spot position or spot uneven. Can be used to measure the continuous laser output power, and can also measure the average power of the repetition rate pulsed laser output.

Model YL-S-III
Measuring Range 0-200W
Display Three and a half LED display
Minimum Resolution 0.1W
Photosensitive Area Φ28mm
Calibrated Wavelength 10.6um
Type of Cooling water-cooling
Applied Range CO2 laser tube
Power Requirement AC 220V±10%, 50Hz

2D Adjustable Laser Tube Bracket

2D adjustable laser tube bracket: use high-quality plastic and mechanical lifting structure, height can be quickly adjusted. Support laser tube outside diameter 50mm-80mm, high matching, easy to install, simple to operate, fast adjust, material without aging, transport without damage is the best alternative to traditional tube bracket upgrade.

Laser Lens

Laser lenses: Mirrors and focus lens, suitable for all kinds of laser machine.

Products Model
K9 glass gilded mirror Φ20/25
Mo mirror Φ20/25
ZnSe focus lens Φ20 f=50/63.5/100

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