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Blue Laser

Blue lasers include DPSS (diode-pumped solid-state) laser and diode laser. The laser head comes with cooling and precise temperature control system, and power supply comes with overcurrent and overheating protection function. CNI lasers have stabilized power, easy operation, reliable performance and long lifetime. The laser products include 5 series: high energy, high power, high stability, low noise and single longitudinal mode laser. Free space or fiber-coupled (SM fiber, MM fiber, homogenization fiber) output available.

Blue laser module in other configuration

Small laser module Line laser Fiber coupled laser
MBL-473 MBL-473(Line) FC-473
Single longitudinal mode laser MSL-473 1~100 mW
MSL-457 1~300 mW
Temperature stabilized laser MBL-473 1~1500 mW
MBL-457 1~10000 mW
Low noise laser MLL-473 1~400 mW
MLL-457 1~10000 mW
Blue Line laser MBL-473(Line) 1~1500 mW
MBL-457(Line) 1~8000 mW
Fiber coupled laser systems FC-473 1~500 mW
FC-457 1~800 mW
Note: If you want to know more information about other wavelengths of the blue lasers, such as 440 nm, 442 nm, 445 nm, 447 nm, 450 nm, 454 nm, 457 nm, 460 nm, 462 nm, 473 nm, 480 nm and so on.
 Low noise blue laser test result

Noise Amplitude <0.25%

Power Stability <1%, over 20 hrs, 10-35 °C

 Single frequency (SF) blue laser test result

Longitudinal mode scan

F-P Etalon interference ring


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