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Sunshine Fiber Optic Spectrometer

Sunshine spectrometer can offer you the perfect solution for applications that demand low light-level operations, and the scientific experiments related to Raman test. The Hamamatsu FFT-CCD detector used in the Sunshine has excellent performance characteristics. Sunshine offers 75% quantum efficiency, high dynamic range, good signal-to-noise ratio and low-noise electronics and so on. Sunshine offers up to 0.035nm optical resolution. (Optical resolution depends on the lines of grating and entrance slit). We offer several gratings, such as 300mm-1, 600mm-1, 1200mm-1, 1800mm-1 and so on. There are several entrance slits that we can choose, such as 5um, 10um, 25um, 50um, 100um and 200um.


  • Wide range broadband        

  • High resolution

  • High sensitivity

  • Robust package


  • Raman test

  • Spectral analysis

  • Wavelength inspection

  • Absorbance measurements

  • Reflectivity measurements

  • LED analysis

Available Model

General series Sunshine GE 200-1100nm
External Triggering series Sunshine TG 200-1100nm
Sunshine TG-Raman 785-1100nm

Standard Specifications



149 mm x 109 mm x 50 mm


1000 g


Wavelength range:

200-1100 nm (Optional)

785-1100 nm (Raman test)


Architecture Back-thinned, 2D
Thermoelectric cooling No

Signal-to-noise ratio:

450:1 (at full signal)

A/D converter:

16 bit, 500KHZ

Column sensitivity

~0.32 Counts/e-

Dynamic range:


Integration time:

17 ms to 10 s


Power consumption:

450 mA @ 5 VDC

Data transfer speed:

Full scans into memory every 4 milliseconds with USB 2.0; every 18 milliseconds with USB 1.1


5 inputs and 5 outputs (opto-isolator inputs/outputs)

Analog channels:

One 12 analog input one 12 analog output

Strobe functions:



30-pin connector


For easier access to a variety of functions in the Sunshine 2000 spectrometer, the EX-TB Box is a passive module that separates signals from the spectrometer's 30-pin accessory port to an array of standard connectors and headers. The EX-TB Box allows multiple interfaces to the spectrometer.


   l          External triggering

   l          General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO)

   l          RS-232 interface

   l          Analog Input/Output


The EX-TB Box receives its power from the spectrometer, which runs off of a PC via a USB port, or requires a separate 5-volt power supply when the spectrometer interfaces to a PC via the serial port.



Fiber holder Fiber

Standarded fiber specification

Length Connector Core diameter Jacket
1m SMA905 400um metal

Optical Fiber Raman Probe New!

The optical fiber Raman probe is suitable for laboratory and process testing application, which cooperate with fiber optic spectrometers and laser can make the Raman measurements for liquid, powders and solid sample. Meanwhile, the whole curing optical design ensure the high repeatability of Raman spectroscopy measurements. The compact and durable detector can be used for collect signals and reduce the influence of the laser lines, O.D.>6@785 nm. As the optical fiber Raman probe with higher cost performance as which is entirely researched and produced by CNI R&D team.

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