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     Changchun New Industries (CNI) founded in 1996, located in Changchun, CHINA, is a leading manufacturer of solid-state and diode laser systems. Our products include lasers at different wavelengths, laser diode, laser kits and laser systems, laser equipment, optics including EO and AO device, we also offer coating service and other accessories of laser byproduct, such as power meter, optical mounts, Raman spectrometer, and so on. CNI lasers and optics are featured with high performance, low cost and excellent quality, which are specifically designed for OEM, scientific, industrial and instrumentation use. We hope to offer the complete solutions for laser technology.

In addition, CNI lasers are ISO-9001, FDA, CE, RoHS and JQA certified.


     May. 25, 2016  CNI launches Fiber Mode Field Adaptor and PM Mode Field Adaptor.


     Dec. 4, 2015  Mr. Orlovich Valentinm member of Academy of Sciences of Belarus, and Mr. Roman G. SHULYAKOVSKY, the chief of Applied Physics Research Institute of Academy of Sciences of Belarus, visited CNI and die mutual beneficial exchanges.


     Sep. 10, 2015  According to customer's research and teaching needs, CNI provides teaching experiments and skills training devices with customized service.


     Jan. 4, 2015  CNI launches PGL-F series laser modules, with the advantage of PC controlled and lens optional to get diversiform patterns, such as dot laser, line laser, crossed laser, which can be widely used in machine vision, alignment applications.


    Jul. 18th, 2014  CNI reaches the milestone of 2000pcs sold for Optogenetics Applications. All the necessary accessories for optogenetics and neuroscience can be provided.


   Jun. 3, 2014  CNI optics offers Educational system and Hand-held power meter, etc.


   Mar. 11, 2014  CNI recently developed high resolution UV-NIR fiber optics spectrometer and high sensitivity FFT-CCD detector spectrometer, with the high resolution up to 0.02 nm (FWHM), they are widely used in the Raman spectroscopy applications.

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Q-Switch Diode pumped laser module Fiber Optic Spectrometer
Laser diode High power laser diode module Articulated Arm

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